Safe, Reliable and Express Logistic and
Transport Solutions

that saves you time and resources

We trust and give value to your business through our technology, this is why we are making ourselves different from those immersing businesses as we heavily invest with the real-time milestone tracking and GPS Integration. This is where we take bold steps in providing assurance to our client how time-critical delivery updates them until it reaches its final destination. Securing trust of clients through our state of the art process both agreed by our stakeholders and partners.

Our shared services partners are provided with a strategic methodology to provide a sustainable cost savings support making both client and partner feel the support of a stable Customer Support Process based on the most applicable technology regardless of any location.


To help products and services providers become profitable while we make every vehicle for Filipino become available


To provide alternative solutions to ONLINE SELLERS and START UP ENTREPRENEURS that will allow sellers to earn better and buyers' savings bigger.

Build TEXTS Center in every city of every Region that is set to partner Local Warehouses, E-Commerce Platform, International Importers and help businesses deliver their products to Filipinos.

To become a recognized service provider in the field of Logistics supporting businesses in remote areas who helped them reach their goal in digitizing the way they do their selling while we do their deliveries.


We will make every vehicle available to Bulakenyo, soon sa Maraming Filipino. We are committed to help customers literally bridge the gaps of distance in this emerging growth of the business, allowing them to fulfill their self-goals, dreams and commitment that helps them to achieve the same. We provide our best value proposition to our clients and partners all throughout the region.

We are focused on finding ways to keep our customers helped and be successful while we are consistent in making ourselves efficient. We are bound to build good customer relations, addressing them as the life of the business. Our responsibility to all of our stakeholders - employees, investors, and partners sharing the same vision with us. We have been committed in our thought that in order for us to grow big, we must be consistent in walking with our stakeholders hand in hand.

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